My father Dixon was ground crew to 617 at the time of the dams raid so all stuff to do with squadron is always interesting. Best wishes for your info search, I once worked with a lady who s husband flew with 617 during theĀ  grand slam phase. His name was Morfitt thats all I know they had a squadron picture on there front room wall of a GS lanc with mr Morfitt on it somewhere.once again many thanks for a good site.

He had served briefly on 57 Squadron as a Flight Engineer (one of the first) until grounded because of wounds (perforated ear drum). Transferred to the far east in late 1943 as experienced fitters were needed on liberator units then forming he ended up flying as an adhoc FE with 230 sqd on Sunderlands.

In usual RAF style he didn t get to liberators until 99 Sqd moved to the Cocos Islands, and then only briefly until going to 230. Instead he found himself working his way down Burma with hurricanes, Veangences, and Thunderbolts! Quite a story which I ve only heard bits of over the years. Despite all his service in the Far East he was an active member of the Bomber Command Assoc until recently. One aircraft I know he flew in as a passenger on a air test was ED909 AJ-P Fl Lt Martins A/c on the dans raid.

Thanks to Nick Dixon