Sergeant Samuel Jackson Vance (1493916) “MID”
Born: Belfast 17/9/1923
Died: Carlton, Stockton-on-Tees 14/7/2000

6th February 1945, the attacks on the Bielefeld viaduct over the river Werre and Altenbeken Viaduct was to have been carried out by seventeen Lancasters but was called off due to bad weather conditions.

8th February 1945, 15 Lancasters attacked U & E boats at Ijmuden using the Tallboys bombs, the result was damage to the roof and the harbour wall.

14th February 1945, bad weather again called for the attacks on the Bielefeld and Altenbeken Viaducts to be called off by the nineteen Lancasters assigned to the operation.

22nd February 1945, this was the third attempt by eighteen Lancasters to attack the Bielefeld viaduct, this time they recorded some success, the resulting attack caused a large section of the nothern viaduct to collapse and a section of railway track to subside.

24th February 1945 the attack on the Dortmund-Ems canal was called off due cloud over the target area.
19th March 1945 the raid on Arnsberg railway viaduct, This attack was classed as as success using 6 Grand Slams. One hitting the western end and causing two span to collapse, a 40 foot gap was made in the viaduct plus massive damage to railway track.

21st March 1945 the raid on Arbergen railway viaduct over the river Weser near Bremen, was attacked by 20 Lancasters, Two of the aircraft carried the Grand Slam bombs the remainder Tallboys. Both the Grand Slams missed the target but direct hits were made with the others. resulting in extensive damage to the viaduct, Two of the supporting piers collapsed.

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