617 Squadron

No. 617 Squadron is currently based at RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland and operates the Tornado GR4 in the ground attack and reconnaissance role. It operates 12 aircraft and is commonly known as the “Dambusters”, for its actions during operation Chastise against the Ruhr Dams in 1943. Its badge is that approved after the Dams raid:


On a roundel, a wall in fesse, fracted by three flashes of lightning in pile and issuant from the breach water proper – approved by King George VI in March 1944. The broken dam is indicative of the successful attack on the dams in May 1943.

MottoAprés moi, le déluge –  After me, the flood .Today, life on the Dambusters is as hectic as it always has been. The peace and stability enjoyed during the Cold War has given way to an unstable world where conflicts erupt quickly and where air power, with its fundamental characteristics of speed, height, reach, ubiquity and flexibility, is the first discipline to be called upon. The Squadron is therefore extremely busy and is involved each year in Exercises and Operations around the world. Current Squadron members revere those who went before them and aim to follow in their footsteps, whatever is asked of them. There is a definite pride felt by all on the Squadron, aircrew and ground crew alike, in being part of such a prestigious unit.

We would like to publish more information, anecdotes and or photographs from the Sqn in more modern times and invite information and submissions from any air or ground crew.

Pictures from 617 Squadron Today
Today 617 Sqn is based at RAF Lossiemouth, one of the UK’s largest fast jet bases and continues its role in training and operations with the Tornado GR4 aircraft.

RAF Lossiemouth
Tornado GR4

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