Prinz Eugen


Laid down 23rd April 1936
Launched 22nd August 1938
Builders Germaniawerft, Kiel Germany
Complement 1600
Dimensions Displacement 14271 tons std 18700 tons max
Dimensions 697′ 2″ x 71′ 6″ Draught 23′ 6″
Armament Main guns 8 x 8″ (2 x 4)
Secondary guns 12 x 4.1″ (6 x 2)
Torpedo tubes 12 x 21″ (4 x 3)
Other weapons 12 x 40mm (6 x 2) 8 x 37mm (8 x 1)
Armour Deck: 0.5″ – 2″
Belt: 2.75″ – 3″ C.T.: 2″ – 6″
Turrets: 2.75″ – 4″ Aircraft Facilities
Aircraft 3 x Arado Ar196 seaplanes


3th April 1945

20 lancasters each carrying either a single Tallboy or 12 x 1000lbs bombs left Britain to fly to Swinemunde in the Baltic ocean looking for two ships (Lutzow) and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen. Both ships were used for shore bombardment, supply and evacuation. It was 617’s task to destroy them. But due to bad weather conditions and heavy flak the attacks were unsuccessful.
No more attempts were made at the Prinz Eugen, but the end of the story for this cruiser does not end here.
After the war the Prinz Eugen was handed over to the Americans by the British, she was then used for target practice at Bikini Atoll. This once proud vessel did survive two atomic blasts at Bikini, she was then taken in tow to the US base at Kwajalein Atoll for evaluation of the damage, but damage was such that at Kwajalein Atoll she capsized and sank.